Vendor Managed


Handling all your last-mile-deliveries with careful planning and foresight. We understand how important it is to adjust to changing demands and supply requirements without compromising on your end-consumer guarantees.

The biggest challenge for an OEM, Distributor or a reseller lies in having visibility, control, and processing of their sitting stock. Ensuring your customers receive their products on time, every time without compromising on physical aesthetics of the product is the only differentiator that would set you apart. From stock holding, supply chain planning, inventory management, packaging and fulfillment, Esteem can radically transform your last-mile delivery models. Our technology framework allows us to work alongside your teams to coordinate, maintain, and replenish stock levels based on market consumption.

This partnership also allows us to provide you with valuable insights into peak demand seasons and the flexibility to rapidly call-off a specific part should a need arise. Our VMI SOPs are carefully adhered to at all levels handling your stock by trained staff.

Come and experience how we manage your stock seamlessly.

Inbound Logistics

  • Storage of Stocks & Replenishment
  • Labeling and Racking
  • Identify demand needs and planning of stocks
  • Strategically located collection points

Outbound Logistics

  • Oder Sorting & preparation
  • Packaging & Fulfilment
  • Full ERP, POS & CRM integration offered

Quality & Inspections

  • Processing quality checks specific to the client’s requirements
  • Fully trained logistics staff on site.
  • Security and video surveillance 24/7
  • All warehousing equipment available on-sites to comply with storage procedures

On-Demand Services

  • Readily available resources to handle market surges
  • Expedited shipping options available
  • Ability to cater to event logistics and promotional requirements

Optimizing your value chain through innovative last-mile delivery models.

We’ll help you achieve an efficient supply chain by reducing costs significantly and in increasing your process efficiencies. All this while you focus on building your core business. We’re confident in our service and would love to be your VMI provider of choice.

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Safe & Secure

We handle every consignment with intricate care. Our staff is constantly upskilled to keep up with the growing demands of logistic compliances.

Speedy Deliveries

We always conduct our business with speed and responsible business resilience. We understand how important is it for you to seize market opportunities at the right time.

24/7 Support

Your consignments are never out of sight with Esteem. Leverage our tracking systems with delivery notifications or speak to a live support representative to get real-time updates.